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With Hyundai Translead we worked with the North American sales and marketing team to improve their sales results and help them meet and exceed their annual targets.

“I expected to leave the meeting with at least a few ideas for our Sales Directors to consider, but to my surprise and delight it is now one week later and they are still animatedly discussing the material you presented. As you no doubt guessed, several of our more experienced people have been through training sessions and seminars over the course of their careers and some were skeptical of the value they would find in yet another seminar — that is no longer the case and the unanimous conclusion is that your concepts and presentation were among the most valuable tools they have ever had handed to them.”

Stuart James, Vice President, Sales

Hyundai Translead

San Diego, CA


“Over the years I have attended numerous sales training events. While all of them bring some value, yours was easily the best in terms of short and long term benefits.

All of our Sales Directors have spoken highly of your training and I can honestly say we have seen some immediate changes in behavior from most of them. The biggest change has come from the veteran who was the hardest to convince. In addition to the primary goal of improving sales techniques, I have seen improved performance from our own sales management group. I even incorporated some of your suggestions into my own behavior.

Your class should provide lasting benefits but we will definitely consider having you back again sometime in the future. I have recommended you to an associate already and I intend to do the same whenever the opportunity presents itself.”

Glenn Harney, Chief Operations Officer

Hyundai Translead

San Diego, CA


At Gibson & Associates we worked with key agents in group health insurance and related products to increase their quality and quantity of sales activity, thereby increasing their sales and personal income as well as revenues to the agency.

Also at Gibson & Associates we created a five-year strategy and plan, worked closely with the management team to check progress on actions supporting the plan and served as a sounding board for opportunities and challenges that presented themselves along the way.

“John has been invaluable to us and our work. He convinced me to get out of the office and allow others to handle their functions. As a result, our sales, revenues, performance with carriers and levels of delight with our clients have all shown improvement. I consider John to be essential to our ongoing success.”

J. David Gibson, III, Founder

Gibson & Associates

Columbia, South Carolina


At New South Mortgage Corporation, we provided sales development which led to positive behavior change and increased prospecting activity among loan officers and managers. As a sounding board for managers and ownership, we provided the basis for changes in personnel that improved revenues and profitability in multiple offices.

“I can count on John to provide clear perspective on issues and opportunities throughout my company. When it comes to his advice, I find his responses to be very insightful and on the money.”

Jamie Culler, President

New South Mortgage Corporation

Charleston, South Carolina


At Glasspro we initiated a system to develop managers and team leaders to take greater responsibility for their areas. We facilitated the creation of the company’s first performance-based incentive program. We helped the management team implement moves that put several team members in their most productive roles. We provided the planning that gave the company increased capacity to respond to customer calls and needs with a leaner, more functional team.

“Our company has gone from relatively flat growth facing seemingly insurmountable obstacles to having record growth and confidence that we can make the necessary adjustments to overcome our challenges…We appreciate John’s talents and dedication in assisting us in this process.”

Paul Heinauer, President

Glasspro Auto Glass Replacement/Repair

Nine locations in South Carolina


At Campbell Law Firm we have provided professional development in areas as diverse as effective use of time, improved communications, generating more referrals and inquiries and planning for the future.

“Because of your help, our revenues have increased. You have been there every step of the way and I’m a very happy business owner because of this.”

Kevin Campbell, Principal

Campbell Law Firm

Mount Pleasant, South Carolina


At Carolina Equipment and Supply, we have helped increase distribution sales team effectiveness, improve sales team selection and enhance the acceptance of personal accountability in both sales and service functions, leading to greater revenues and higher profits, in addition to healthy performance incentives for team members.

“I personally consult with John for advice in regards to leadership issues and hold him in the highest regard.”

C. Randy Fulmer, Executive Vice President

Carolina Equipment and Supply Co., Inc.

North Charleston, South Carolina


At Avison Young we helped this leading commercial real estate firm to greater levels of effectiveness both internally and externally.

“As a sales trainer and consultant, you have been instrumental in assisting us in the development of our sales staff and the honing of their communications skills. We consider you a valuable business partner and would highly recommend you to any sales organization striving to attain excellence!!”

Christopher B. Fraser, Broker in Charge

Avison Young

Commercial real estate services

Charleston, South Carolina

At Custom Development Solutions we worked with a seasoned team of fundraising professionals and consultants to sharpen their sales, communications and personal management skills. We partnered in their marketing efforts to provide additional leverage with prospects and clients in the non-profit sector.

“John came to my attention when I heard him speaking to the Association of Fundraising Professionals and was impressed with both his message and delivery of his presentation – John is a wonderful teacher and coach.”

David G. Phillips, President

Custom Development Solutions

Mount Pleasant, South Carolina

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