How to liberate yourself from stuck

John Carroll

A conversation I’ve had many times through the years typically starts with, “John, I have something I want to go over with you,” or, “John, I need to pick your brain about this project. Let’s meet and I’ll be happy to pay you for your time.” Translation: I don’t need a big commitment (or fee) for what I’m focused on right now. How can I invest a lesser amount for this one thing and do so with something smaller than a full-blown consulting engagement?

My response is consistent: “My fees are value-based, so I don’t charge for my time. I don’t have an hourly or daily rate for coaching, consulting, facilitating, strategizing or planning. Your investment in working with me is based on the value of what my involvement can do for the accomplishment of your goals and objectives.”

Enter Consulting by the Cup, a single issue consulting engagement focused on getting the client freedom from stuck. The client sends pertinent documents ahead of a one-on-one meeting for approximately two hours to discuss the issue. Then the client has seven business days following that meeting to ask follow up questions and cover anything that may have been missed or requires a closer look.

Before the process ends, clients have clearly determined which steps they’ll take based on our discussion and my recommendations. They’re unstuck and have a new energy they bring to bear on the opportunity at hand. In other words, they’re back in action.

Could this be useful to you right now to get you closer to where you want to be professionally or personally? Let’s discuss how Consulting by the Cup could get you moving again.

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