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How to liberate yourself from stuck

A conversation I’ve had many times through the years typically starts with, “John, I have something I want to go over with you,” or, “John, I need to pick your brain about this project. Let’s meet and I’ll be happy … Continue reading

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Solving the performance incentive puzzle

             It was the greatest thing they’ve ever done over there at your friend’s company. They found a way to improve their results by adding an incentive payment plan for the employees. Now you’re inclined … Continue reading

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Handling that request for a raise

While there are certain seasons and cycles for specific elements of business, the request for a raise from one of your employees/associates/team members can happen at any time, often without warning. In fact, you’re likely to be blindsided by the … Continue reading

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Adding value to client and customer relationships

As a friend and client provided the blow by blow account of his company’s participation in an online reverse auction, I listened in horror. As you may know, a reverse online auction is the business version of Online Limbo, in … Continue reading

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The value of taking initiative

“She doesn’t have to be asked, she just takes care of things.” “He’s the first guy to offer to clean up the job site.” “I can always count on them to get things done even when I’m in a meeting.” These are … Continue reading

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Why your networking isn’t

You know the scene. You walk into a room of people with the purpose of expanding the network of those who know you, trust you, would buy from you or recommend you to others. You know you need to be … Continue reading

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