What to expect in working with us

We believe that clear expectations form the basis for many good things and fuzzy and errant expectations create havoc both interpersonally and collectively. That's why we want to be clear about what you can expect (and not expect) in working with us. 

When you work with John Carroll, the first thing you can expect him to ask you about are your key objectives or outcomes, the measures by which you know that you've accomplished those objectives and the value you and others will realize once those objectives are accomplished. This will provide the basis for our analysis of whether we can help you.

You can also expect: 
  • an exploratory meeting free of charge.
  • value-based fees-Sorry, we have no hourly or daily fees. You don't pay for our time; you invest in value and results for you.
  • an honest admission if we feel we can't help you (accompanied most likely with a recommendation or two on someone who can)
  • prompt, responsive service to your questions and concerns.

What not to expect:

  • Being charged for a phone call, e-mail or text message. When you have a question or concern, you’ll never have to make an economic decision before you pick up the phone. Period.
  • Getting the run around, cold shoulder, ghosting or whatever you call it when someone you want to reach is non-responsive. You have a question, we have an answer or we’ll find it and get right back with you.
  • Paying for an hour of our time to address a question separate from a current project or engagement. As mentioned above, we offer no hourly fees. We do offer a single-issue consulting package we call Consulting by the Cup


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